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Radio Free Mormon: 166: The Antipathetic Polygamist

RFM tells the story of a long-time friend named Sue.  Sue was a happy Mormon wife and mother . . .until her husband starting collecting wives.  This is one you don’t want to miss!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 166: The Antipathetic Polygamist”

  1. The primary thing that draws me closer to Christ is His infinite Grace. What could I possibly do of myself to bring His influence into my life. His Glory and power are all around us, we just don’t recognize it most of the time.

  2. Wow, sounds like Sue already knows that all this stuff is way above every average laymen Priesthood holder including Stake Presidents, Area Authority 70’s.

    It’s impossible to get answers from leadership, they follow orders and know not the answer themselves. This stake president seems to at least be willing to entertain her, but most people committed to the church aren’t committed to the truth to the extent that it contradicts the veracity of Church.

    As far as what things do I hold true in my life that draw me to Christ that help me feel the spirit and the love of God. I hold the following as true, most things are man made constructs. As members of the church we have labelled everything that is good to come from God. We look to Christ for everything that is virtuous and engenders the fruits of the spirit namely love, peace, joy, meekness, lowliness of heart, humility, etc.

    We can create a spaces and practices that promote these feelings… and we seek to be in harmony with such virtues. We can stray from these but we can and we must always return and allow ourselves to be grounded in God/Christ. These are merely labels, but we are to be one with such labels.

    1. I agree that the stake president is doing the best he knows how in even entertaining Sue’s questions. I do think he continues to try to steer the conversation back to what he perceives as safe ground for him, and hence the two questions he ended the email exchange with.

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