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Almost Awakened: 042: George Floyd & Systemic Racism

Mekael and Bill utilize this episode to discuss the this George Floyd moment. His death, the protests and riots, the systemic racism in this country, the police abuse, and most importantly the ethnocentricity and tribalism that all these abuses and inequalities are rooted in.



One thought on “Almost Awakened: 042: George Floyd & Systemic Racism

  1. I realize I may be going a bit off topic with my comment here, but I’m surprised with how far the new cultural expectation of erasing systematic racism is going with all this. Many places they are going after historical monuments and statues saying “Oh, Sir John A. McDonald has a checkered past… we can’t honor someone who was inhumane towards the native Indians”.

    Now Salt Lake Tribune is running this article that maybe we should rename BYU, because obviously Brigham Young was a questionable character… and so we might as well bring a spot light to Joseph Smith questionable practices as well.

    When it comes to historical figures, we can either focus on the light side or their shadow side. We all have a shadow side, but to bring down monuments because they were horrible human beings when no one had that in the forefront of their minds until someone points out the blind spot that no one was looking at and now we have a hard time seeing anything but… I fail to see how that is more awakened.

    Sure we are noticing the blind spot, but now you can’t see anything else. That isn’t being awakened, if you fail to see the totality of a human being, which includes both the good and the bad.

    I’m sure that the ultimate counter argument is what about Adolf Hitler. Should we have any statues of him around… I’m not sure that we do, but if we did if the majority of the public wants it remove I would agree, but if it’s only a minority of the public then no. There should be a democratic process to it.

    The symbol for what Nazi Hitler stands today is very much different for the symbol of which Brigham Young represents in the minds of LDS.

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