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Radio Free Mormon: 181: The Illusion of Agency Part 2, The Gay Devotional

RFM dissects the world-wide young adult devotional given on May 3, 2020 by Elder And Sister Gay.  This devotional is a classic study in how the LDS Church gives its members freedom to choose with the right hand while simultaneously taking it away with the left.


9 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 181: The Illusion of Agency Part 2, The Gay Devotional”

  1. I listened to your break down of Robert and Lynette Gay’s devotional address to the LDS youth. It appears from his back ground that Robert Gay is a smart and accomplished individual. However when he got behind that podium too addressed the youth he apparently lost all touch with reality. His story of the gnat is on the level of a distraught first grader. For a grown man to use this stupid story on the youth of the Church is just sad and pathetic. Elder Gay is obviously so “Church Broke” and full of himself that he believes that he killed and then resurrected a gnat. Of course he prayed over the poor lifeless body of the gnat and his prayer was answered. God was busy helping out people with their lost keys, but took time out to help a gnat in dire straits. As for Lynette, well, give her a break. I just feel sorry for her, some people think that they are so privileged of God that their ordinary commonplace experiences must now become more exaggerated and dramatic so as to impress others of their special position with the divine. Of course over time they come to believe in their own lies and falsehoods. Just like how the Church tells its members to gain a testimony. Keep repeating and pretty soon you believe. Keep up the good work RFM

    1. Thanks for the kind words (at least to me), Wayne!

      After finishing the podcast, I learned that Elder Gay was actually a Managing Director at Bain Capital from 1989 to 2004 when he resigned his position there to accept the calling as Mission President in Africa.

  2. @BrokenMissionay on twitter

    Hey Radio free Mormon. I am a current Mormon Missionary. I have some talks that might be of interest to you that is only accessable to missionaries. Email or tweet at me.

    1. Because of security concerns, I don’t typically email people I don’t know. If you would like to D.M. me the materials at my Facebook page, I would be happy to take a look at them.



      1. @BrokenMissionay on twitter

        I am in an odd situation too. I am a current missionary for the Church. I don’t have a Facebook page I could use to DM you. Could you DM me on twitter possibly? If you want to make sure I am what I say I am, I recently went on the How-to Heretic’s podcast episode 142. If not I guess I can make a Facebook just to DM you.

  3. I’m a bit hesitant to moving my comments over to just because… well I’ve heard every podcast ever issued from this site since inception. I started listening in March of 2015 I believe. I had to back track and listen to everything since the podcast started around 2012, and I’ve pretty much left a comment on every single podcast issued since as a way of leaving a check mark that I have listened to the episode released… least God forbid I listen to an episode twice.

    Anyways, I do see plenty of more comments over there and it would be fun to interact with the people leaving comments, but I don’t have much free time to be doing that honestly. I barely have enough time to listen to all my favorite podcasts which definitely includes yours.

  4. I would love it if you would do a podcast of all the times mormon leaders have said the youth are the greatest generation. This would be fantastic!

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