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Radio Free Mormon: 182: Born Again Mormons

Paul and Matt are former Mormons who have gone on to become Born Again Christians.  RFM talks with them about their journey, answers their questions, and poses some questions of his own.  A few of RFM’s questions get somewhat pointed, but Paul and Matt take it in stride and a good time is had by all!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 182: Born Again Mormons”

  1. Great interview. Surely, religion doeth nothing but evolve, “god” constantly changing himself and the unchangeable. Even the bible does it, over and over, even commanding other prophets to not ad or change those changes.

    I had a spouse like that. I divorced her. But, it took a while to get that there is no changing the changing, moving target.

  2. I like the way you pointed out that their views are not entirely different from those of Mormonism, I’m sure that was quite a shocker and yet in their mind they couldn’t quite seem to come around to accepting this fact.

    I think while it’s fair that Mormonism traditionally hasn’t emphasized the power of His grace, this view is picking up a lot of steam ever since Brad Wilcox gave his devotional talk regarding His Grace is sufficient and later picked up by the President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, but it really bothered me that in the footnotes not once does he site Brad Wilcox’s devotional speech only the scriptural passages.

    There is an obvious evolution of theology, and any TBM will tell you that God was revealing further truth and knowledge, and there is still yet more to come. So stay tune as the goal posts move around and still be within your striking zone. We don’t want to make life too easy or too hard least you want to through your hand up in the air and just give up… at which point Christ Grace is sufficient in spite of all you can do.

  3. The quote at 20:20 is actually from Mae West who was an actress / sex symbol during the 1920-30s. The original quote is full of sexual innuendo. If TBMs actually knew where the quote came from they wouldn’t be quoting it. See and and more Mae West quotes at

    I always love your podcasts keep up the good work!

  4. I am so happy that when I de-constructed Mormonism, I had the wisdom to continue on and de-construct Christianity as believed by your two guests. Their damning beliefs on humanity are every bit as damaging as Mormonism!

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