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Almost Awakened: 044: Myth Is All Around Us

Today we dip our toes into MYTH and how pervasive it is in our cultural and social structures. Any time we label or tell a story about the way things are and what they mean we are likely in the sphere of myth. Money, relationships, nationality and patriotism, family history, who people are…. all myth. Some myths are just inside our head and others are collectively agreed upon by entire societies. Myths are one of the crucial ways we make meaning. But once we enter the “Almost Awakened” space and see myths for what they are, we will feel the call to be present and simply enjoy this moment as it is with less need to tell a story about it.



1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 044: Myth Is All Around Us”

  1. It’s all myth, and we get to decide if it gets to be true or not.

    Now is true, tomorrow maybe not but then again maybe it can be.

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