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Almost Awakened: 045: Adam & Eve And Conscious Altering Tools

In this episode we piggy back on last weeks episode on myth and help the Almost Awakened listener deconstruct one of our Judaeo/Christian myths… namely the Adam & Eve story around the Fall. We talk about what Adam and Eve could represent and more importantly what the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil could imply and point us to.



2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 045: Adam & Eve And Conscious Altering Tools”

  1. This episode seems to talk more about the effect of drugs more than Adam and Eve. Interesting theory as to why the government chose to ban pschyodelics. You seem to now advocate that recreational drugs make us more human, loving, and accepting. Is this always the case?

    With humanity being a spectrum there is a little bit of everything I suppose. To some, being drunk makes them angry and bitter, to others it makes them more social and joyful.

    There is some merit to the advice of if you never “taste it” you will never “crave it” philosophy.

    In any case, to each their own without judgement only awareness of the options for you. However, the last thing you need in life is to grow dependent on substances to make life worthwhile and meaningful… which isn’t what you are advocating for but a possible unintended outcome that perhaps needs to be warned about… which is people losing control because of impaired judgement which granted, this can happen even without substances.

    1. I think one has to be able to deal with complexity and non binary ideas in order to see things through a glass less darkly. Alcohol (or coccaine or meth or heroine for that matter ) is a very different thing from ayahuasca or magic mushrooms or lsd or cannabis. And yes there are risks with any mind altering substance and yes some people have a negative experience or become angry or belligerent. One has to be willing to delve into such topics trying to understand the collective data and to judge each substance on its on merit and on the data and research that exists.

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