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Radio Free Mormon: 185: Teaching at Church

RFM has a lot of experience teaching at church over the past four decades!  He presented some great stories and thoughts on the subject to a special gathering of Denver Snuffer followers in Europe!


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 185: Teaching at Church”

  1. Hi RFM,

    It took me a while but I finally listed to all of your episodes. I feel like being a Mormon today is basically like being in a minority. My family (especially my wife and her side of the family) have this “it’s true no matter what” mentality. They recognize the issues but decide that it’s true anyway. A phrase that is used to describe this style of belief is “living in the gray”. So they reject all the stuff they don’t like but still fully participate in all things Mormon as if there are no problems. For the most part I have no issue with this style of believer, except for one thing. When I was a young teen I remember Gordon saying “Well, it’s either true or false. If it’s false, we’re engaged in a great fraud… It is either right or wrong, true or false.” It seems pretty black and white to the prophet, no gray at all. I wanted to get your thoughts on members staying temple worthy in the church when they don’t agree that the church is 100% true. I feel that it stems from immense family pressure. My family (probably like most Mormon families) is completely based on the church. They have been in it so long that they are more interested in going down with the ship instead of salvaging whatever life they have remaining. So now I’m a minority within a minority, it blows man.


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