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Almost Awakened: 047: Showing Up And The Pain That It Causes

Today we talk about the move from fitting in to showing up as your authentic self. We often show up in the world the way the world needs us to which has us withholding important parts of ourselves that feel unacceptable. We pretend to be things we are not. And yet as the awakening process occurs we feel pulled to show up as our authentic selves. Today we talk about the pain that such causes and how there is an inherent tension and hurt when authenticity shows up.


2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 047: Showing Up And The Pain That It Causes”

  1. This episode is F bomb honest and mirrors my life pretty much exactly. I hope the miracle continues and that it allows us to eventually show our authentic selves and be loved for doing so… and not simply just get by… but then again, just getting by isn’t so bad either.

  2. Bill — I don’t recall sending you notes of my life for this episode but you literally described my life here. Excellent presentation, by the way! Cheers to hoping for more authenticity and the peace of mind that it brings!

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