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Almost Awakened: 048: Narratives, Story, Tangents, and Cost

Today Bill talks about 4 observations about human behavior

1.) That we need to be protectors of others Stories rather than one who hijacks the narratives of others.

2.) That we need to work on being present and not getting lost in the mind chatter that can overwhelm us and prevent us from showing up for others.

3.) That we need to learn that when in an argument we move from tangent to tangent such is likely a deflection mechanism that want to shift accountability.

4.) Understanding Sunken Cost vs Investment and pursuing the relationships where it feels like you are investing.



1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 048: Narratives, Story, Tangents, and Cost”

  1. Wisdom is to know the difference between sunken cost and investment. Knowing this difference in relationships is easier said than done.

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