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Almost Awakened: 049: Accepting Your Humanity

Today on the Almost Awakened Podcast we talk about how we judge ourselves and judge others and our behaviors as good or bad. But there is a challenge to step back and to see others in their humanity. To comprehend the trauma that is handed down to each one of us and to sit with what that says about us humans collectively and individually. To recognize the kinds of behaviors we humans show up with and to see that no matter how healthy and responsible or how harmful and traumatic we show up is in fact human. That we are each pieces of shit (And we mean that in the nicest way) That we each have had Hundreds of thousands of years of trauma imposed on us and generations of trauma handed to us. And this should move us from judgement of good and bad to acceptance of things as they are an effort to even see the worst of behaviors among us as HUMAN. Rather than to love yourself, what if we could simply accept ourselves and accept others? Ram Dass Loving Yourself – Sam Jay – Netflix – Trauma in our DNA 1 – Trauma in our DNA 2 – Trauma in our DNA 3


1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 049: Accepting Your Humanity”

  1. Not sure how familiar you are with Tapping.
    My dad is a guru on this topic, EFT.

    I think the effectiveness of EFT lies within repeating possitve affirmations, like “Even though I’m a piece a shit, I deeply and completely love myself”.

    And this phrase is repeated over and over again while repeatedly tapping oneself with one fingers over key acupuncture facial points where there are critical nerve endings. I suppose this allows for the message to penetrate more physically and emotionally.

    I don’t know much of this pseudoscience, but there is a growing community that lives and breaths off this style of thinking that has helped them “most likely” overcome a lot of $hit.

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