Mormon Discussion: 354: Bombs and Bombshells

Yesterday I received a strange box at my employment.  The message, where the box was placed, the Duct Tape, and the how the box got where it did all were red flags.  Knowing the Mark Hoffman story…..   Knowing some of the threats that others in this space have dealt with including myself in terms of angry messages or threats put me on high alert.  Law Enforcement was brought in and in the end Things are almost never what you think they are.


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 354: Bombs and Bombshells

  1. Damn Bill, you made my heart skip a beat back there.
    Cheers, stay safe and rely on evidence based reason!

  2. Who sings that song at the end of the podcast? It’s awesome but can’t find it anywhere online…

  3. I’m laughing my A$$ OFF!. You got me on that one. It was perfect. Almost fell off my chair I was laughing soooooo hard!!!!

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