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Radio Free Mormon: 189: Dr. Robert K. Ritner on the Book of Abraham part 2

In this episode, Dr. Ritner goes through Facsimiles Two and Three and shows how the actual Egyptian translations do not match those provided by Joseph Smith.  We also go into depth on two of the apologists’ favorite arguments; (1) The practice of human sacrifice in ancient Egypt; and, (2) The translation of the four sons of Horus as representing the earth in its four quarters.  Facsimile 3 rings the death knell on Joseph Smith’s ability to translate Egyptian.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! As you know, Dr. Ritner needs a kidney because his is failing. If you can help, call Dana McClain, Northwestern Medicine Transplant Coordinator, at 312-695-0828. Donors will be given an application asking for Dr. Ritner’s date of birth. It is 05-05-1953. Thanks so much!!! RFM


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 189: Dr. Robert K. Ritner on the Book of Abraham part 2”

  1. As a kid, I remember looking over the mummies held in the basement of a corner building located on Temple Square. I wonder where they went…
    My real point in writing is to express my opinion that J Smith, for all of his talk about the eternities, did not display any care about a legacy and what would become quickly and inevitably known. His aim was the here and now, and how he could satisfy his lust for money, power, and women.

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