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Radio Free Mormon: 190: The Adam Clarke Connection

Now that new research has established the dependency of Joseph Smith’s Bible translation on the Adam Clarke Bible Commentary, RFM launches into a spate of new and additional ideas and inferences that can be drawn from this conclusion.  RFM shows how the Adam Clarke Bible Commentary may not only have influenced the JST, but also the Book of Mormon and even the Book of Abraham!  That’s the sign post up ahead!  Your next stop, The Adam Clarke Connection!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 190: The Adam Clarke Connection”

  1. I guess we can all learn from JS and take inspiration from wherever it comes from, right?

    Claiming it to be a translation (or inspiration) from God might be a bit of a stretch though.

    Suddenly I admire Joseph less and less now. I wonder if there is still anything left to admire of him.

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