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Radio Free Mormon: 192: Rock Waterman Unplugged!

The amazing Rock Waterman drops by RFM’s underground bunker to talk about what he’s been up to recently, and share some laughs.  Fortunately, Rock is a good sport about RFM’s incessant ribbing!  Two hours never went by so fast!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 192: Rock Waterman Unplugged!”

  1. There are definitely still neo nazi and white supremacy in the CDA/Sand Point area. I remember in 2010 seeing them protesting a local Mexican restaurant.

    I also saw a younger Klansman walking down the street a few months later in his robe holding his hood in Spokane. People hiding in the woods close to the border.

  2. Please don’t have Rock back. I wanna put this as nicely as possible — he comes across as a bit inconsistent.

    First, he’s all “don’t call it a movement” then later refers to it as a “movement.” Which is it, Rock?

    He claims anyone can have an audience with Jesus, then admits he hasn’t, because he’s never asked. Why not, Rock?

    In younger days, I DID ask. But never got my audience. Why not, Rock?

    But mostly, it’s because he seemingly can’t control his discourse enough to leave out his politics. RFM, I’m not here for politics. I’m here for solid evidence of Mormon fraud.

  3. I think for sure we should hear a lot more from Rock Waterman. I don’t know why I can’t help think of Porter Rockwell every time I think of Rock Waterman (Potterman Rockwell).

    I think there were too many jokes and laughs all in good nature and too little substance of which I think Rock Waterman genuinely wanted to sincerely express to the audience.

    It was very refreshing to hear from him, and it kind of invites the spirit of Stage 3 fowler belief which we can all use from time to time. I do want to hear more from him, even if it means having RFM debunking him afterwards. Bring him back for more.

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