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Radio Free Mormon: 193: John Gee Comes Clean!

In a stunning reversal of events, John Gee publicly announces he no longer believes a long-touted evidence for the Book of Abraham is valid!  This raises the question, how long has John Gee known this, and why has he been the major proponent of this evidence for decades?  After a thorough examination of the evidence, RFM concludes we have to be cautious about taking at face value anything John Gee says about the Book of Abraham.


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 193: John Gee Comes Clean!”

  1. RFM

    Gee knows that experts like Hauglid and Ritner have skewered him and his BoA apologetics. And thanks to you, Dehlin, Reel and others, his “abhorrent “ scholarship has been exposed to a much wider community of critical thinkers. He can feel the once firm ground he thought he was on begin to shift. He is worried that he could be out on a limb by himself. So he is going to gradually soften and recast his positions in an attempt at gaslighting.

    More simply, he’s starting to cover his ass. Can you determine if some of his position-shifting was happening at the same time as the Ritner interviews?

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