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Radio Free Mormon: 194: Brave Sir Kerry (Muhlestein)

Dr. Kerry Muhlestein, BYU Egyptologist apologist for the Book of Abraham, has finally responded to our invitation to have him and Dr. John Gee on the podcast to show Dr. Robert Ritner where he is wrong.  Unfortunately, Dr. Muhlestein and Dr. Gee have declined the invitation.  Not because they are scared, mind you, but because that is not the way “true scholars” discuss things.  Sit back and enjoy a delightful dismembering of Dr. Muhlestein’s non-response response, as only RFM can!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 194: Brave Sir Kerry (Muhlestein)”

  1. Have you ever noticed that all of the articles responding to things that are really damning about the church are really, really long. It seems like they are trying to make up for lack of quality with quantity. Sometimes simple explanations like “it’s all made up” are enough.

  2. Dear RFM, John, and That Guy Ritner,
    I need to keep my job at the Lawd’s school of higher ‘law’ learning! I am inept at off-the-cuff discussion, like that guy Ritner, and I have to have my former publications and the heavy arm of the Lawd’s elect to help me articulate ‘my’ understanding. It isn’t that I am afraid of open authentic discussion, it is just that we don’t do that – you know, the authentic part.
    My mortgage, my children’s legacy educations, and even my own church calling would be at risk if I were to mingle with apostate Dehlin. That guy Ritner is much smarter than I am and he would certainly trap me into saying things contrary to what the Lawd’s elect has asked me NOT to say. Furthermore, RFM is a lawyer, and…well…you know that group just likes to argue at any cost.
    Finally, I want all to know that my blog post was reviewed and approved by the Lawd, himself (so says his elect). I humbly retain all of the blessing of my efforts. So there! /s

    Hooray!!! To RFM. Nice smackdown to a well deserving BS response.

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