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Almost Awakened: 054: Glenn Ostlund – Bathing With God

Today I sit down with my friend Glenn Ostlund author of the book “Bathing with God“. Glenn and I both were deep believers in a specific religion. Then we both grew disenchanted with said religion. We deconstructed that religion and deconstructed other systems seemingly walked away from God and religion…. only to, unknown from each other, be on our own re-engaging the big questions and seeking learning from the best books and wisdom voices. This search led us both to awakening and to revisiting our certainties about the world and we in this 2 hour conversation cover so much ground including the multiverse, God being the creative energy in the universe and us being one expression of this energy moving through the universe, the big bang and the beginning of time, memories passed down, being present, the software newborns are born with helping them survive, lizard brain and fight or flight or freeze, Death, Ayahuasca, letting go of Ego, and collectively engage Glenn on his incredible book “Bathing with God


Bathing With God BOOK

Bathing With God Audio

Stored Trauma Memories in our DNA 1

Stored Trauma Memories in our DNA 2

Stored Trauma Memories in our DNA 3

Joe Rogan & Sean Carroll and the Multiverse

Joe Rogan & Sean Carroll 1003

Joe Rogan & Sean Carroll 1151

Joe Rogan & Sean Carroll 1352

Joe Rogan & Brian Greene 1428

Banned TED Talk: The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake

What happened before the big bang

Time and the Big Bang

Plants (Specifically Mushrooms) communicate with the world around them

The universe might be one big Neural Network

The software newborns are born with

Michael Singer: The Untethered Soul

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender: David R. Hawkins

Michael Singer Living From A Place of Surrender


1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 054: Glenn Ostlund – Bathing With God”

  1. Yea. Read section 132 in the D and C. That philosophy caused me more damage than any other thing in my life. Stunted my growth. Being told by both men and women that I was lacking if I didn’t trust that god knows more than me what I need caused even more trauma. Don’t leave out verse 54 where the man receives fathers and mothers and wives and concubines and mansions an hundredfold and if the woman accepts this doctrine she won’t be destroyed. She is rewarded with eternal polygamy. Yep, not only the doctrine damaged me horribly but the way it was used nearly broke me.
    So I disagree that it’s only how a doctrine is used makes it evil. There are EVIL doctrines.

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