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Radio Free Mormon: 195: Book of Abraham Fireside

Many Latter-day Saints are leaving the Church over issues relating to the Book of Abraham.  In this special fireside, I talk about the most commonly heard criticisms of the Book of Abraham, and how faithful LDS scholars respond to them.  This fireside is a must-listen for anyone with questions about the Book of Abraham.


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 195: Book of Abraham Fireside”

  1. Hi RFM – great work – thank you.

    In your 13 hour interview there was a section where the idea was discussed about on Egyptian image – can it equate to or translate to an entire paragraph or sentence or multiple words. The idea being to reduce language to a few images and condense it. If I remember correctly Ritner laughed this off then showed it.
    My question is how big would the golden plates be if the book of mormon be if it were reversed engineered. If the BoM were translated into Egyptian [which is known ~ reformed ???? snore] How many leafs would it really take. How thick would that be and how heavy would it be. Damn this is all so silly.

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