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Radio Free Mormon: 199: The David Bokovoy Interview, part 1

In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. David Bokovoy talks about his experience trying to build a bridge between contemporary Bible scholarship and the Religious Education Department at BYU.  *SPOILER ALERT*  BYU wasn’t interested.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 199: The David Bokovoy Interview, part 1”

  1. Enlightening approach to researching truths, stories and variations in religious so called records accuracies. Right on, that many refuse to peacefully debate fully or take those same critical thinking skills they use on Mormonism and apply them to examination of records, teaching and traditions of Christ. Using that same type of measuring stick on both begets a truer more balanced picture of changes made and borrowed Pagan and other mythologies dumped on top of a thus more intriguing Jesus.

    I too find we have the same duty to take that one step further than even religion. Apply the same critical thinking skills to atheists, most of whom teach great faith in non-religious dogmas. Measure and check that just the same too. Do they claim authority but use double standards, contradictions and lack transparency?

    They so easily apply that to Mormonism, Christ or religion, but not to their own dogmas which require a hell of a lot of blind faith and ignorance and shaming. Atheist apologetics are no less twisted than Mormon or Christian apologetics, shaming, calling doubters and questioners of the dogma “$cience DENIERS!” and more. Same red flags as Mormonism, BoM, Bible and Christianity.

    I find most atheists have greater dogmatic faith than blind obedience religious zealots do. So very similar in fact. I agree, we should always keep waking up and apply the very same critical thinking skills and questioning to all dogmas especially those claiming authority and credentials, using censorship to “protect us.” I find it ironic that fact-check and critical thinking sites give marching orders too. Red flags need closer scrutiny not faith in credentials and authority.

    We have that duty to use the same type of region and bible measuring sticks for atheists’ great faith and bullying in “ethics,” politics, media and corporacratic conflict of interest $ciencne which all hold back true progress through dogmatic authority. Religions is far from having a monopoly on that one.
    That drove Einstein bonkers too, and so many others.

    The catholic church was the science authority hundreds of years ago, ruling over Galileo and so many others, threatened with death if they did not recant the truths and research they shared, put under house arrest, censored, gagged, shamed, abused and many put to death for the heresy of truth and progress. That’s is what most of atheism does in our “enlightened age” too.

    The more things change the more they stay the same. Nothing new under the sun.

    Unfortunately today’s scientific authority is often even more dogmatically fraudulent with their monopolies. Drunk on power, authority, credentials, pulling rank and with their double standards, conflicts of interest, censorship and NO transparency, and so much more.

    All of those red flags defy the scientific process which they claim to stand for and have most all of their faithful blind followers chanting together “Follow the science!” But their science is fraudulent and defies the scientific method, but, that’s OK because it is to save us…

    I love science and have a dogma sniffer. Too many fail to measure atheist dogmas and authorities with the same dogmatic tactics measuring stick. They in fact just pulled two of their “scientific” studies from two major medical journals for fraud. Published peer reviewed Fraud. Happens all the time, this one was just getting closer scrutiny, but only by some, who were then attacked for reporting their findings defying authority.

    Yet those “studies” made it in the two top medical journals, actually fully “Peer reviewed” OK’ed fraud. Critical thinking and fact-check sties still use apologetics to demand there is “no fraud to see here, move along.” We are blind flowers demanding to be saved, by hucksters with proper authority, willing, able and anxious to $ave us through obedience to credentialed BS. Nothing new under the sun?

  2. Hot Damn that beard is fantastic.

    I would give my left testica- – – testimony to sit in one of David’s classes. Loved his episodes on MS and I want to start his Greg Kofford episodes. I found one of his quotes on Reddit that I can’t seem to source.

    “I have often asked myself the question, what is it about our cultural tradition that leaves some Latter-day Saints with the impression that it is not only wrong to express uncertainty about our theology, but that doubts in any form are a result of sin. Under this attitude, it is never right to question such issues as the historicity of scripute, the veracity of the Restoration, of the councel of our Church leaders. Some of us have bought into the notion that it is immoral to even ask such questions. Yet in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.”

    Where is that quote source. David – if you are reading this – I am grateful for your book, your story and your contribution on Podcasts. I’d really love to be a fly on the wall in one of your classes. Or lunch? Anyway – Where can I find more of your writings and material.
    Thank you

  3. What a fascinating interview. Like Ricardo, (above) I have a question about a source. Where did Dr. Bokovoy get the David O. McKay quote that refers to William Chamberlain. He mentioned it in his letter to the CES people in the Church Office Building.

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