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Almost Awakened: 058: Bill Reel & Glenn Ostlund – The Path to Surrender Part 2

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Glenn and Bill tackle an audio series created by Michael Singer, author of the untethered soul, and use it as a springboard for their own Almost Awakened conversation. This is part 2 in a multipart series and the conversation in this part covers ideas such as the baggage we carry with us due to the good and bad experiences that have filled our life. How that baggage or “charges” are preventing us from living present and being at peace. That we are not our thoughts and we are not our feelings and we are not the world outside of us unfolding before us. And once we grasp these charges within us are deeply connected to how we react and respond within the world and often it happens in ways we are not happy with and which are not healthy. This episode is the bridge to the next conversation where we address how to show up in the world different so that we can release these charges and find more inner peace.


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