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Radio Free Mormon: 201: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 1

Today RFM is joined by Jonathan Streeter of Thoughts on Things and Stuff to dissect the Saturday morning session of October 2020 General Conference!  General Conference has never been so much fun!!!


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 201: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 1”

  1. I just listened to the RFM episode entitled Unanswered Prayers. I appreciate what you have to say about the arbitrariness of supposed “answered prayers”. Elder Hales’ example of the coat for the missionary in France being something more than a coincidence, in contrast to the death of a missionary, was right on point. My husband and I served a mission at an MTC outside of the U.S. and while there, a missionary in a nearby area died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Not only were his parents’ prayers not answered but neither were those of the president and his wife, and all those who had prayed in the temple on a regular basis for the safety of the missionaries.
    After being a member of the church for 45 years, I started to lose my faith on that mission. The hierarchy of the church and its manner of leadership was completely uninspiring, to say the least. I received more spiritual nourishment from listening to podcasts of people of other faiths, and LGBTQ folks who told their stories, than I did from the MTC Devotionals or Sunday meetings. Within a year of our return my faith is completely gone.
    Thank you for your stories. I have especially enjoyed podcasts opening my eyes to the history of the church. David Bokovoy and Robert Ritner have been particularly helpful.
    Having a husband and children who are still nuanced believers, I am careful to hold back on my most critical observations about the church. I don’t have much opportunity to have conversations with anyone about these challenging church issues, so I thoroughly enjoy listening to your podcast, and I get a kick out of the music you choose to go with your episodes. I think it’s because of you RFM, I have started listening to opera and I love it.
    Bill Reel has also had some great episodes. Thanks again!

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