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Almost Awakened: 061: Vaccines, Anti-Vaxers, And Covid19

Phizer just announced and two more companies right behind them announced they have arrived at a vaccine for Covid19. These Vaccines are showing a 95% effectiveness. And yet…. somehow 50% of the population has been turned off of seeing such as a positive. 50% of our population is skeptical about receiving these vaccines. Today on the Almost Awakened Podcast we talk about why people are scared of vaccines, why we perceive a link between vaccines and negative outcomes including Autism, and what Science has to say about Vaccines.  NOT: We humans often have emotional connection to topics like this and such stops us from communicating to each other in ways that we can all listen and learn from each other.  Please be aware of such as you engage the conversation regardless of where you stand.



1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 061: Vaccines, Anti-Vaxers, And Covid19”

  1. We are going to have a real problem overcoming our biases. There are certain things where I have made up my mind where I certainly don’t see myself going back to the way I used to believe before.

    Unfounded vaccine concern has as all worried for the wrong reasons. For many reasons, we are sold on the idea that natural is better. When it isn’t always the case.

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