Cognitive Dissidents: 014: Election 2020 Trump, Biden, and Confirmation Bias

Today we examine Confirmation Bias through the lens of the 2020 Election.  Wide Scale fraud has been claimed and we look into whether data and facts support such a claim or if wide scale Confirmation Bias is the problem.


Mormon Discussion Inc.  Does not advocate for any candidate or party.  We are simply looking at the election as a case study for Confirmation Bias.


7 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 014: Election 2020 Trump, Biden, and Confirmation Bias”

  1. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so . I believe the correct term is ‘Cognitive DISSONANCE’….not dissidents…I’m confused

    1. The name of the podcast is a play on words. Cognitive dissonance or the discomfort of the brain when stuck between two contradictory beliefs and Dissidents or folks who push back against a structure or paradigm. The podcast is meant to be about pushing back against one’s beliefs and looking at why we believe the way we do. The name is intentional

      1. Bill, what can we infer from a situation where someone podcasts something of a political nature, ie the recent presidential election, a listener responds that there is evidence supporting an opposing view, and makes mention of the apparent bias of the podcaster because what he has said is inconsistent with witnesses that have stated otherwise. And then rather post the response, the podcaster deletes it. Do you think that, albeit of course on a much smaller scale, parallels Joseph Fielding Smith cutting out of Joseph Smith’s letter book the 1832 First Vision account and hiding it in his safe–or any other act by the brethren to hide aspects of Mormon church history? Some of your listeners are disappointed you’ve chosen handle political issues in a polar opposite way than how you’ve handled church issues.

        1. Your comment wasn’t deleted. Rather it went into a que to be approved or marked as spam. AG Barr has always been a supporter of trump. He says no fraud. Every judge with the evidence in front of them has dismissed the cases, the supreme court most of which are republican appointed turned down the case. At what point does our brain figure out what is rational and what isn’t and let go of fictional conspiracy theories for which evidence is weak?

      2. Bill, I have looked at this from both sides. As an objective pursuer of truth, I have wanted to know what happened. The fact is substantive proof of mishandling ballots on multiple occasions has been reported. While it’s possible those witnesses were lying, I listened carefully to what they said and believe otherwise. You may know better than half the country that there was no foul play, but I believe that you have looked at and addressed it with left leaning bias. I appreciate and respect you, and support your right to your perspective, but it reminds me of orthodox members of the Church who don’t really want to know the ugly side of Mormon history. We can choose not to consider the evidence of those issues, whether in politics or religion, or become aware and seek to improve the world we live in.

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