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Marriage on a Tightrope: 091: Pressing Issues in a Mixed Faith Marriage

Kattie and Allan asked listeners on Facebook and Instagram “What is the most pressing issue in your Mixed Faith Marriage?”  On this episode, Kattie and Allan discuss what you, the listeners, responded.

Most of the comments fit into 3 general groups:

  1. Communication & Intimacy
  2. Children
  3. Negotiating the Tenders (behavioral changes)

Also…back by popular demand, Workshop on a Tightrope!  This 6 week course is taught by marriage therapist Natasha Helfer and Kattie and Allan.

There are 3 options available:

  1. 6 week course starting January 19th.  Join 24 other couples and learn how to strengthen your mixed faith marriage.  Sign up by December 1st for $50 off and reserve your place in the Sex & Intimacy Masterclass at no additional cost.
  2. “At Your Own Pace” course.  Not ready for a group setting?  Have a difficult schedule?  This is the choice for you.  Watch the video presentations at your own pace, download the “Your Tightrope in Action” exercises and put what you learn into action.  A great option for those not ready for the full course.  Sign up by December 1st for $50 off.
  3. Sex & Intimacy Masterclass.  Certified Sex Therapist Natasha Helfer teaches this course via 2 hour pre-recorded presentation.  You’ll also gain access to 4 “Your Tightrope in Action” exercises and receive an invitation to the Q&A Zoom session on this topic (To be held in February).

To learn more or reserve your spot in any of these courses, go to



2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 091: Pressing Issues in a Mixed Faith Marriage”

  1. Entire families need therapy, not just the parents. Children that need therapy automatically need parents to have therapy too since they contribute to the environment that they grew up in.

    Thank you for making affordable therapy, this is something that I hope we can sign up for soon this time around.

  2. I grew up with so many friends who came from mixed faith families. How well these families functioned depended mostly on the religions involved.
    The families whose religion was welcoming of all faiths did the best. The families who one spouse had a religion that believed they had “the only truth” were the ones who suffered.
    My favorite family had the mom being Catholic. The dad was an Evangelical. Kids chose what they wanted or nothing. Respect spread to all aspects and yet morality it seemed to me as a kid was so easy to talk about as it’s not a religious issue but an issue of humanity.
    To your discussion on Allan still being a “good” person is comical and heart breaking. My friend of 43 years asked me first thing was did I leave so I could drink now. My reaction to her was to shame her since my husband is a recovered alcoholic and how dangerous me drinking would be for him. Shame on her and me for my response. And no drinking around here.
    Mormonism is not healthy. It nearly destroyed my soul as a woman. My husband is the number one casualty of Mormonism. He was my young love. Non member. I had to let him go and marry a return missionary. His life was terribly affected as I gave up my life to live what was chosen for me. With Mormonism as a woman you have one choice called marriage and family. Luckily I got out after living a life I would not chosen and reconnected with my love and we’ve been together almost 10 years.
    Your podcasts are hard for me listening to Katie since I see you as the perpetrator in your relationship as why wouldn’t you want your children to learn truth. Mormonism is not about truth for sure. Truth doesn’t matter to a TBM only one thing matters and that is all roads lead to the Mormon church is true. That is not a great kind of person to be. BTW…your kids won’t choose Mormonism IF you give them autonomy. If you make them feel bad unless they choose it then they might. And not giving them information so they can make an informed choice is not fair to them. Choosing what they learn is not giving them autonomy.
    Awesome you are helping people. How sad Mormonism causes all of this.

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