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Radio Free Mormon: 205: #GiveThanks

During this Thanksgiving season, global faith leader Russell M. Nelson has given the world the revelation direct from God that we should . . . wait for it . . . give thanks!  Bill Reel, together with Allan and Kattie Mount join me for a fun dissection of President Nelson’s Message of Hope and Healing! #givethanks


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 205: #GiveThanks”

  1. Wow, Katie holding her ground against RFM. Impressive. It’s important to have a reminder and be able to acknowledge a less cynical perspective.

    The church is making an effort to be a beacon of light and the last thing it needs to be shot down left and right.

    I’m thankful #GiveThanks for the honest and true supporters and members of the Church that provided a lot of meaning to my faith in my younger years. You are a reminder that the church has a good side of it too and that we get out of life that which we focus off of.

  2. Bill abandons all critical thinking when it comes to the Pandemic agenda, because it’s one that confirms his progressive world view. Ironically, he’s almost wishing Nelson had said X, and that everyone obeys – when it fits his worldview. Pathetic!

    1. Please James, which specific data points do you believe there is stronger evidence against what I shared? Please list them and give me sources for where better information can be found.

  3. Kattie MADE this one, thanks Kattie!
    I’m an all-out, resigned, atheist, kick-against-the-pricks exmormon…12 years of it.
    And I’m, well, sick of myself in that…and kinda sick of others in it too…like for example everyone else on the show besides Kattie. This is the best stuff we’ve seen from President Nelson. Slow clap…and nothing else.

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