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Marriage on a Tightrope: 093: Kaity and Andrew Maughan

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Andrew and Kaity Maughan join the podcast to tell their mixed faith story.  This great couple is just a few months into their mixed faith marriage and already have some great lessons learned they wanted to share with all of you.

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There are 3 options available:

  1. 6 week course starting January 19th.  Join 24 other couples and learn how to strengthen your mixed faith marriage.  Sign up by December 1st for $50 off and reserve your place in the Sex & Intimacy Masterclass at no additional cost.
  2. “At Your Own Pace” course.  Not ready for a group setting?  Have a difficult schedule?  This is the choice for you.  Watch the video presentations at your own pace, download the “Your Tightrope in Action” exercises and put what you learn into action.  A great option for those not ready for the full course.  Sign up by December 1st for $50 off.
  3. Sex & Intimacy Masterclass.  Certified Sex Therapist Natasha Helfer teaches this course via 2 hour pre-recorded presentation.  You’ll also gain access to 4 “Your Tightrope in Action” exercises and receive an invitation to the Q&A Zoom session on this topic (To be held in February).

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