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Mormonism LIVE !: 002: Book of Abraham, FairMormon, and Ad-Straw-Minems

RFM and Bill Reel dive into the FairMormon “This Is The Show” video on the Book of Abraham. Stephen Smoot, Kwaku, the Powers that be at FairMormon, and so much more……….


4 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 002: Book of Abraham, FairMormon, and Ad-Straw-Minems”

  1. There’s an old saying that says “When an honest man discovers he was mistaken, he’s got a choice, he can either cease to be mistaken or cease to be honest”

    “Never interrupt an enemy while he is making a mistake.”

  2. I find it absolutely bizarre for any member of the mormon church to tread the waters of accusing others in history of racism. I mean, this is from a member of the church whose past teachings and/or practices include such things as:

    -A black woman sealed to Joseph as his slave
    -Black people, if they try hard enough, can one day make it to
    the celestial kingdom, as slaves.
    -Shall I tell you the law of God concerning the Negro race . . .
    -Pretty much anything Brigham Young muttered about black people
    post the ban
    -The ban
    -1978? Really?
    -Our prophet has lived as a member longer with the ban in place
    than without. And it’s almost a 10 year difference.
    -Nelson thinks people should stick to their own race for a marriage partner as of the late 90’s and it can still be found in one of the marriage institute class manuals.
    -Most all members thought your skin could change colors and get whiter the more righteous you are.
    -Kimble compared the shades of darkness among Navajo families and thought those that were living more righteously were now lighter!

    This list could go forever. So basically, if you can’t believe in the info from an Egyptologist with racist beliefs, might as well send in that church resignation letter. Cause, those guys got almost nothing on your church leaders, past and current.

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