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Mormonism LIVE !: 003: The Changing Landscape of Mormonism under President Nelson

Using the recent Atlantic Magazine Article about Mormonism which includes an interview with Russel M. Nelson, President of The LDS Church as a springboard, RFM and Bill will have a light and entertaining conversation about the Changes that have taken place under the Leadership of Russel M. Nelson and some thoughts about where Mormonism could be headed in the near future.

Atlantic Magazine Article Link


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 003: The Changing Landscape of Mormonism under President Nelson”

  1. It’s kind of funny that the version of Mormonism that you guys critique isn’t the one that is lived by the majority of latter-day saints. Maybe the TBM’s, but the majority of members aren’t living under that type of mindset.

    I do agree that it is the version of Mormonism that the leaders seem to want to encourage, but it overshoots because the majority of Mormons aren’t that hardcore.

    It will probably require President Nelson & Oaks to disappear before Mormonism begins to transform from the top down. As for the bottom-up, the majority of the youth are not buying the narrative and not even choosing to be active when they get older.

    I suppose we can sit back and watch change happen, or be an active part in shaping the type of change we would like to see. In an odd kind of way, the both of you are helping Mormonism mature in the type of Mormonism I would like to see… which is a more secular one.

  2. Hey Guy’s
    I listen to your live show today, about the 1hr 8 min you Bill talks about RFM being approve church resource. Is this correct ? And where might I find this?
    Love your Show Guys, keep it coming.

    1. we were joking as the Church made a handbook change telling members to seek out accurate information and RFM is as accurate as they get on the data he shares

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