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Mormonism LIVE !: 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma as Apologetic

Mormon Apologists have forever pointed out that one criticism of Mormon Truth claims is Joseph Smith’s use of the female name Alma for a male’s name.   After citing the criticism, Mormon Apologists immediately follow up with evidence of Alma’s use as a Male name in the ancient eastern world. But is this really an argument being made that deserves a rebuttal? Was Alma really only a female name in Joseph Smith’s day? Did he know any male Alma’s? And are LDS Leaders and Apologists honest around this issue? That and more and your phone calls on this episode of Mormonism LIVE !


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 004: The Rise And Fall of Alma as Apologetic”

  1. Hi Bill. I am a big fan of yours. Just listened to this podcast today (Podcast 004 Alma) and wanted to share some thoughts. You certainly had good documentation proved that the apologists have very little integrity. I couldn’t help but think that the apologists probably consider this podcast a major victory. You guys have been suckered in by FAIR’s shiny object. The issue on the name of Alma has both of you spending this entire podcast complaining about the shiny object that has been used to detract others from more important issues regard ills of the Mormon Church. If this had been the first podcast I listened as I started down the rabbit hole I probably would have given up because of spending so much time on something that really doesn’t matter. The first place I went when I first started investigating the Church was FAIR Mormon. I gave up on that site as soon as I realized that these guys were spending way too much time trying to explain a simple topic. As Shakespeare once said, “Me think though dost protest too much.”

    I have listed to hundreds of hours of podcasts from you guys and will continue to do so. I love your stuff. But this just seemed like spending way too much time on the shiny object FAIR Mormon threw at us.

    Love you guys. Keep up the great work.

    Jim M

  2. The idea that Alma was a male name, be it uncommon, in Joseph Smiths era is a RED HERRING! I never thought that was the argument! Although it was an early argument by critics, who said it was a female name. What was interesting to me was the evidence of Alma as a male name in ancient times. Alma in the Ebla tablets pre-date the 2nd century evidence. Joseph would not have not known this. Another lucky coincidence.

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