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Radio Free Mormon: 207: “Heaven Up Here”

RFM interviews John Kirk Williams, author of “Heaven Up Here,” a memoir of his two-year LDS church mission to Bolivia!  John talks about his mission, his time working for the church curriculum department, and the events that led him to lose belief in Mormonism!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 207: “Heaven Up Here””

  1. When I left the church I received their typical letter letting me know that I was off their records. Anyway, I found the letter very cold so I sent another letter talking about gratitude for people who left the church. I even discussed how gratitude even helps
    those with depression and that gratitude is used in therapy. I stated that it would be nice if people who left the church were thanked for all of their effort, time and money. I never received a follow up letter. Surprise…So, when President Nelson talked about gratitude prior to Thanksgiving, I became very frustrated and found his message a farse… I am a retired therapist…..

  2. So I guess I will be the first to say I too have had several dreams about having to serve another mission or go back to my first mission,and I was sad to wake up from the dream! I wanted to go back and/or serve another mission more than anything. I loved being a missionary and would have loved to have “dwelt in this land” for the rest of my days! I also was in South America.

    Such varied experiences from serving a mission.

    1. Multiple dreams of going back and serving a mission, even as a married man, leaving behind wife and family. Alas, it was only a dream.

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