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Almost Awakened: 065: Every Moment is Precious – Take on Me

A couple of moments this past week helped Bill connect the dots of some emotional wisdom that had been on his mind recently. IT has to do with how arrogant we are on the first half of life and and how at some point a light bulb goes on and we begin to sense how fragile life is and how fast time is moving and how we treat the present as if it is the past refusing to be present.


2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 065: Every Moment is Precious – Take on Me”

  1. Mikeal “Shane” Cunningham

    I could sense your deep connection to your sweetheart and the love that you feel for her, juxtaposed against the feelings of potential loss. I know these feelings well. My wife began “to die” in 2007, but we did not know it at the time. She began to present with personality changes, behavioral problems, and slowly disconnected from me over the next twelve years (until diagnosis). By the time I sought a legal separation (at the ten year mark of the changes) very little was left except our history. And a tremendous amount of trauma had been added. A year and a half later, we found out that she had a terminal brain disease all along (bvFTD). It is horrible, and the loss is like living with her death every day since. We are doing the best we can as a family to support her. But we will never be the same. Grasp each moment! It truly will be “gone, in a day or two”! Great podcast…thank you!

  2. I like both versions of the song, and I always felt the first song to be about the same message as the second version of the song.

    The message of time is running out so let’s make the most of what is left, because even if I don’t want to… I have to go.

    You are fortunate to enjoy the company of your spouse… not everyone does.

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