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Almost Awakened: 067: Veronica Funess -Sex, Shame, and Negotiation

*** This episode includes open conversation regarding sex and sexuality – For mature audiences only *****

Today with sit down with Veronica Funess, Intimacy Coach in Training and we discuss sexual shame that exists within society. We discuss how healthy negotiation of sexuality can look. We discuss kinks, fantasies, and how to incorporate your most vulnerable and healthy self into a healthy relationship with your partner.

Veronica is a Graduate in Gender & Women’s studies with minors in Business Administration and Communication. She is passionate about helping others improve their relationships and honor their erotic selves. Veronica is training at the Somatica Institute and Studied Gender and Women’s Studies at The University of Arizona. Past experience includes providing and directing peer education and facilitation for sexual violence and healthy relationships programming, market research and PR internships, and client and customer service positions: boutique fitness membership advising, and serving and bartending at an elevated NYC Vegan comfort food bar. 

A reminder when it comes to negotiating sexuality

“Within ethical and legal constraints, we all have the right to push for what we want from our partner (and to suffer the consequences for pushing too hard). Similarly, we also have the right to deny our partner’s requests (and to suffer the consequences for shutting them down). But we need to remember that nothing in a relationship happens in a vacuum—it is influenced by what came before, as well as what else is going on in the relationship. So generosity can be rewarded (and bad behavior can be punished) in more ways than one. Therefore, we have to keep the bigger picture in mind—what price am I willing to pay for this? If it’s worth it, then it’s worth it, but since life and relationships involve compromise and sacrifice, we have to consider the potential ripple effects.”


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2 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 067: Veronica Funess -Sex, Shame, and Negotiation”

  1. I think your discounting of shame as a valid/useful component of sexuality is ignoring the fact that there are myriad methods of sexual desire and practice that are in fact bad and worthy of shame. Leaving aside the very obvious case of any type of pedosexuality (my word because “pedophilia” implies some form of love which is a very bad definition for what it actually is) voyeurism, rape fantasy, S&M, revenge sex, scat play, exhibitionism, etc. are all clearly malevolent variations that are deserving of shame and treatment, not acceptance and normalization. The fact that shame has been overused and abused by religion and culture does not invalidate its existence and usefulness in maintaining a better version of humanity.

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