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MORMONISM LIVE !: 009: Elder David Bednar & Wendy Nelson, Has The Day Of Miracles Ceased?

Moroni 7:27 asks Has the day of Miracles Ceased? The answer in the scriptures is nay. Yet What happens when we take a look at what LDS Leaders suggest as the miracles that are happening. We use two Sound clips at the backdrop of todays discussion. One is David Bednar’s recent BYU devotional where Elder Bednar imposes that miracles are happening today just as in days of old and gives us 8 quotes that are supposed to be evidence of the miracles except there aren’t any…. unless you are counting smiles, hours served, phones answered, and a person was were they were supposed to be.  The second clip revolves around Wendy Nelson informing us that President Nelson was prompted prior to Covid in 2020 to cancel all of their bookings for the year.  But when this “miracle” is examined it seems to contain deep factual problems and negative theological ramifications.



3 thoughts on “MORMONISM LIVE !: 009: Elder David Bednar & Wendy Nelson, Has The Day Of Miracles Ceased?”

  1. I’m listening to the temple workers accounts of the 8 (non) temple miracles. It shows how utterly desperate and hungry members are for something, anything that is meaningful, interesting, or miraculous in their lives. Talk about making a spiritual mountain out of a grain of sand. Same thing happens when the prophet announces the missionary age change. Members read about rich stories and miracles in the scriptures, hear the stories from church history, and have crumbs today. Even if you take away all the church history and doctrine problems, the church is very lifeless and boring TODAY.

  2. Millitary youth are given a choice about whether or not to take the rushed vaccination but the rushed vaccination is mandated by the prophet for all 18 year old wemon and men serving the church.

  3. I was at a stake conference and the Temple president spoke and gave this same talk with added miracles. The temple is the south Jordan temple.

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