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MORMONISM LIVE !: 010: Demonic Possession, Exorcism, and Mormonism

In todays Episode Jonathan Streeter fills in for Bill Reel and takes RFM on a journey discussing the first miracle in Mormonism. They discuss the role that Demonic possessions and exorcisms play in religion generally and how such things have influenced Mormonism specifically.


3 thoughts on “MORMONISM LIVE !: 010: Demonic Possession, Exorcism, and Mormonism”

  1. Hello!
    I am a first time listener, so I don’t have any background of your show. I listened to the podcast of Demons and Exorcism. I am an LDS author and I had high hopes of hearing something I could/might use in one of my novels. But you lost me when you started playing the temple film and making fun of it. Sorry, I just could not got on after that. Clean up your act and give me a call. I will come back and listen to more. You have a great presence on the air.

  2. When I first went to the temple, at the start of my mission, I was expecting a Steven Spielberg / George Lucas style film presentation about the plan of salvation, which would just blow me away. But what I actually saw felt very anachronistic and disappointing. This was also when the Masonic style penalties were still being done.

  3. As for mission field stories, I heard several which told of sister missionaries getting into a jam with one or more large threatening men, but then the bad guys would look scared and either start behaving or run away. It would later on supposedly come out that the hoodlums had seen one or more huge muscle bound men, dressed in the raiment of ancient times, who showed up out of nowhere and just stood silently, though usually invisible to the sister missionaries.

    We elders used to joke that the Three Nephites should have also protected the sisters from auto accidents, because they got into so many! Lol Our MP told us the joke was not funny and to just stop…

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