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Mormonism LIVE !: 015: Tales of Hofmann

On tonight’s episode RFM and Bill Reel dive further into the Mark Hofmann story exposing Elder Oaks and at the time Elder Gordon B. Hinckley as potentially deceiving and lying about what transpired in their meeting with Hofmann and their efforts to obtain what they believed were authentic and also damaging documents to the Church’s narrative and the faith of its members.  Bill concludes with revealing multiple never before seen documents including the Hofmann’s outline for the forged 116 pages of the book of Lehi, Hofmann’s Psychological evaluation, his education report cards, and a master list of all the signatures/authored documents he forged of famous people.


Elder Oaks 1985 talk that includes much around the Hofmann affair including suggesting a Salamander could be interpreted as the angel Moroni –

Elder Oaks suggesting if we keep the commandments we won’t be deceived while the listener recognizes Elder Oaks, then Elder Gordon B Hinckley, and other leaders were in fact deceived by Hofmann –

Elder Oaks saying way too much about the Hofmann ordeal that in the end compromises the events as he tells them


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 015: Tales of Hofmann”

  1. Fascinating topic. Thank you. Just one nitpick about a tendency that sometimes weakens the points you’re making: we don’t know what another person was thinking (or believed, or was motivated by). We can compare a person’s ACTIONS with their WORDS or with their other actions to find discrepancies, and so make a point. But phrases like ‘they believed’, (which appears in the blurb for this episode) or similar implications of motive that might be used in this or previous conversations—‘he thought’, ‘He intended to’, ‘He did it because/to’, ‘That’s where he got the idea to’, ‘What he means is’—are weak links in a logic chain. Thank you again for shedding light on this very interesting event in Church history.

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