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Radio Free Mormon: 217: Elder Oaks is NOT a Liar!

This just in!  Elder Oaks has proven that he is NOT a liar!

In this joint podcast with the fabulous Jonathan Streeter from Thinker of Thoughts, we dissect a 1993 talk Elder Oaks gave to the students of BYU’s law school.

In his remarks, Elder Oaks demonstrates convincingly to all assembled that he does not justify lying in any form, nor is he himself a liar!

Either that, or this is actually a Manifesto on why Elder Oaks believes it is fine to prevaricate and deceive for the greater good, so long as you don’t cross that increasingly fuzzy line of lying.

It’s like the Unabomber Manifesto.  Only it isn’t about bombing; it’s about lying.

Perhaps we should call it the Unaliar Manifesto?


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