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Mormonism LIVE!: 021: Sexual Allegation Against John Dehlin Goes Down In Flames

This Week RFM and Bill Reel takes a deeper look at the an old allegation that has been dragged out once again by critics against John Dehlin. And specifically the facts and documentation surrounding the case. And what do they find…… but that the claims the alleged victim seems to contain two major discrepancies. One is her motivation which seems riddled with blackmail and manipulation and the other seems to strike at the heart of her claims, namely her allegations countered by her very own text messages.

Exhibit A Blackmail Email –

Exhibit B New Hampshire Complaint –

Exhibit C Dehlin Statement –

Exhibit D Anne’s Withdrawal –

Exhibit E OSF Response –

First aired 6:20 PM Mountain Time April 28th 2021


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE!: 021: Sexual Allegation Against John Dehlin Goes Down In Flames”

  1. Never knew about this sexual/emotional affair until this podcast. Hope John Delihn gets the help he needs to confront his past actions. How is John’s wife taking all this? Did she know about the emotional/sexual affair that happened and when? Does she need support from the community?

    Too bad all around.

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