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Almost Awakened: 072: Buddhism For Beginners Part 2

Bill Sits down with Jana Spangler and Anthony Miller as they present part 2 in a series that seeks to help the Almost Awakened Audience sense the great resources and tools to a life well lived by exposing you to Buddhism and it contemplative nature.  We are using as a backdrop the 12 part presentation by Jack Kornfield titled “Buddhism for Beginners” The goal of this series is to help you to be a more authentic & healthier version of yourself.

In part 2 we discuss the 4 Noble Truths which involves 1.) An awareness that suffering exists 2.) That suffering is caused by grasping at making the world different than it is or resisting the world as it is via our attachment to an ideal or expectation of how we would prefer the world to be 3.) That suffering ends when we let go of said attachment, resistance, and grasping and 4.) The the 8 Fold Path discussed in Part 1 is the way to achieve a cessation of suffering in any given present moment.

Jana Spangler is a Certified Integral Professional Coach with Symmetry Solutions who specializes in coaching individuals, couples, and families who are affected by shifting religious belief. She is an educator in subjects of faith, spiritual connection and development, and relationships. She attended The Living School under the direction of Fr. Richard Rohr, where she studied Contemplative Christianity and other wisdom traditions and how they can support the transforming work of love in ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Anthony Miller is an entrepreneur and education enthusiast in Billings, Montana, with Masters degrees in Business Administration and in Financial Services. After a lifetime of faithful membership in the church, he experienced a faith transition after he stumbled across the Gospel Topics Essays and similar materials in 2016, while he was searching for resources to support his adult gay son. Anthony blogs at and is a frequent contributor to post and progressive Mormon support communities.

Bill Reel is the Founder and Executive Director of Mormon Discussion Inc. a non-profit whose mission it is to provide resources and support to humans who are deconstructing unhealthy spiritual systems and to help those individuals reconstruct a new world view that values Authenticity and Vulnerability and Awakeness.  Bill is the author of “Faith Development Explained” a document designed to help people understand their own awakening.


1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 072: Buddhism For Beginners Part 2”

  1. The money quote is: “You stop suffering and causing grief when you stop wanting to change the people around you.”

    There is a pitfall, however, with never changing things… which typically translates into lack of progress.

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