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Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies

Recently a few regional conferences came to our attention where LDS Leaders said things that seem to run counter to the truth. We touch on those today and take your calls on Mormonism LIVE ! Support Mormonism LIVE ! by donating today. 1.) We discuss Video Footage of Elder Holland and Sister Cordon claiming the Cordon’s don’t have any wealth to an audience made up in part by the poor in Africa. Which is a deceptive statement since Derek Cordon was with Omniture when they were bought out by adobe for 1.8 Billion and They live in a Million Dollar Home 2.) We discuss Video Footage of Elder Holland explaining how the Church is always behind and playing catch up with the world. 3.) We discuss footage from Elder Bednar claiming once again that Missionary work is growing and increasing and the producing incredible results.

1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies”

  1. He’s saying that the culture of the members is following world trends in culture, and that it is perilous to do so. He is saying that the members need to stay focused on “the gospel” so as to avoid that cultural drift.

    We know that the church “doctrine” is eventually simply a reflection of the culture. So, it seems as though he’s saying the church just lags behind world culture…and it really is, but that’s not what he’s meaning to say.

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