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The Backyard Professor: 001: Introduction

Kerry Shirts aka The Backyard Professor and host of this NEW podcast introduces himself and shares his excitement as we embark together on this new podcast.

Kerry Shirts was a former LDS apologist who defended the Church and its truth claims. He was one of the founders of FAIR (Formerly FairMormon, Formerly FAIR) an apologetic organization discussing Mormonism, answering critical claims, and helping Latter-day Saints find faithful answers to their questions. Kerry served as the director of research for FAIR.


3 thoughts on “The Backyard Professor: 001: Introduction”

  1. Awesome to get acquainted with your style, can please put up links to your youtube videos, both your chess, and by the sounds of it this episode you posted here too?

  2. You have a new exmo intellectual follower on You Tube. I was an adult convert and have bowed out twice (now for good.) I have two adult sons and am very happy that I got out before they hit puberty. I live in Paradise California. Am ambulatorily disabled because of a spinal cord issue high in my spinal column. Am not happy about that situation. But I cope and get physical therapy when I can. I call myself an agnostic and participate in the Episcopal Church, because I like the spirituality of the liturgy and music. I am also an ordain Zen lay practitioner, a designation I received from Zen monk from the mother monastery of Sato Zen Buddhism at Eiheiji Japan. I have also connected from time to time with contemplative elements of the Catholic Church, initially the Gethsemany Cistercian monastery at Bardstown, Kentucky during the time Father Thomas Merton was alive. He and others have pioneered connections with the prayer lives of their monastic orders and the Buddhists, incorporation Buddhist philosophy and meditation into their prayer lives. I also connected with an amazing monastic order in Paris while I was posted their as a US diplomat. The order has both monks and nuns and is growing considerably over the Francophone world. They are les Fraternités de Jerusalem. They invite the public to join in with their prayers of the hours, which is all sung or chanted in French. Their thing is sanctification of the world and their liturgy includes words to the effect that the millennium which shows up in Revelations is already here or that they are bringing it into being. They speak frequently of the New Jerusalem. They were founded by the late French Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger, himself a converted Jew.
    I guess, more later. I do hope that one of these days soon I may get to interact with you through one means or another.

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