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The Backyard Professor: 003: Bayes’ Theorem, Alma and I

Often in Apologetics one finds pseudo logic. In todays Episode the Backyard Professor steps in to mediate between LDS Apologist Dan Peterson’s argument regarding Alma found here and Radio Free Mormon’s and Bill Reel’s Mormonism LIVE episode on Alma found here Kerry Shirts talks about Bayes’ theorem and how one side uses that theorem correctly and one side doesn’t.

RESOURCES: – Youtube Video Version of Episode – Dan Peterson’s Blog article on Alma – Mormonism Live’s episode on Alma


4 thoughts on “The Backyard Professor: 003: Bayes’ Theorem, Alma and I”

  1. Awesome content, did I miss episode 2 somehow?

    It is a bit sad to see how the strong mighty has now fallen, church needs to evolve on social, spiritual, and intellectual fronts to stay relevant… it’s lagging.

    Even strong new converts are dropping out and choosing not to stay active. Somethings needs to give, and this time it’s the church. Hopefully, sooner than later.

  2. Thanks, I am enjoying your work so far.

    If I can say something a little bit negative (but I have positive intentions) – please do a bit of editing before you publish. Listening to you sneezing was a low point for me. I struggled to not turn it off. 🙂

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