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Ramuemptom Ruminations: 014: Elder Rasband Explains the Vaccine Recommendation

Elder Rasband visited my area over the weekend and gave a devotional. While I did not personally attend, a copy of the audio found its way to my desk. After listening to it I knew that a few of the key topics of discussion needed to be preserved as a part of the discourse on the subject of Mormonism. I asked a close friend of mine to sit through it with me and discuss the words of an apostle. Elder Ronald A. Rasband is accompanied by Sister Bonnie Cordon the Young Women General President.

Although most of the devotional is fairly standard, there are several interesting admissions throughout. Sister Cordon admits to nepotism within the church and Elder Rasband explains the reason why the first presidency counseled the world to mask up and get the vaccine.


4 thoughts on “Ramuemptom Ruminations: 014: Elder Rasband Explains the Vaccine Recommendation”

  1. Thanks for your podcasts so far; I’ve enjoyed them very much. This latest wherein you refer, amongst other things, to the first presidency message regarding masks and vaccination. Vaccination does not confer health. Mask wearing is a talisman—the virus is so tiny that it penetrates through the mask. I’m not here to debate the merits of either. In fact, I just received my resignation letter and could not be happier. But, over my life I have had numerous church leaders who are obese and morbidly obese. The church should advocate more for healthy people to maintain and develop a strong immune system. Exercising and healthy eating will bear more fruits than a vaccine. I understand that The Nuremberg Code does not apply to religions, but they should know and understand that what they say is coercive to many. The vaccines are experimental, emergency use, or interim measures here in Canada, and informed consent is at the heart of the patient’s decision—not from leaders, who wield influence, sometimes undue. Thanks for reading my little rant.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode and feel free to rant whenever you feel inclined. I agree with you on the emphasis on healthier habbits. The word of wisdom is in desperate need of an update.

  2. Audio Quality was great, what are you talking about.

    Please let us know which Audio programs you do use once you find the right one. Thank you.

    1. I use two programs typically, but for this one, I tried out a new one. I use Adobe Audition to record my solo episodes and I have used Zencastr to record interviews and episodes with more than one person. For this one, I tried out Streamyard and although I like the tool, unless I paid for it, I could not get one of the most important features for me when editing my content. I like separate audio tracks for each participant. I had to cut out a little of the devotional snippets because I coughed or a chair squeaked.

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