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The Backyard Professor: 005: Heavenly Mother Prayed To

The Bible does show that Prayer to Heavenly Mother is a Wonderful means to spirituality.

Mormonism while in its early teachings have hinted at a Heavenly Mother, the LDS Church has for most of its history had an aversion to discussing her and even mentioning her by name. And yet it seems to many to be a potential gold mine. You create a beautiful unique doctrine and theology that is attractive to investigators. You show members the Church is still living with revelation. You throw a bone to feminists. and you take eyes off all the things that don’t add up for a moment. And yet….. nada


1 thought on “The Backyard Professor: 005: Heavenly Mother Prayed To”

  1. Saw this episode on Youtube, you have an incredible backyard! It’s nice to see you talking about all this stuff in nature. Very cool.

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