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The Backyard Professor: 006: Why Mormonism Fails

More of the Backyard Professor’s personal story of why he is no longer a Mormon Apologist based on biblical studies and archeology. The New knowledge of the Bible vs Joseph Smith’s understanding of the Bible.


5 thoughts on “The Backyard Professor: 006: Why Mormonism Fails”

  1. This was the first BYP podcast I tried listening to, but only got a few minutes into it before the audio became unbearable. I just wanted to offer feedback to help you get more traction – audio quality really matters for people who listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ll tune in again in the future to give it another try.

  2. Very much enjoyed the podcast, and I like it that you keep it real. I listen to podcasts for 15-20 hours per week, and I like the audio. Variety is the spice, and The Backyard Professor is a great addition to the Mormon Discussions podcast group.

  3. It’s really annoying to listen to someone who is eating and driving, and distracted while speaking to an audience. This is the first time I have listened to this podcast, and the last. It was so hard to listen to, that I gave up after a few minutes. Just thought you ought to know, so you can be more professional at presenting.

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