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Mormonism LIVE: 039: When Mission Presidents Behave Badly

In this weeks episode of Mormonism LIVE, RFM and Bill Reel delve into some debauchery among past Mission Presidents. What they find is a common theme creating a pattern of bad behavior learning once again that unethical behavior can be made righteous within Mormonism.



1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 039: When Mission Presidents Behave Badly”

  1. Without a doubt my mission expeeience caused me the most pain and biggest crack on the shelf. I stayed TBM for another 25 years after the mission. Mission was eccesiastical abuse. I wanted to talk about it and was ignored. I thought it was only my MP until 15 years ago with ghe internet and discovered somw of the stories that you presented. I still have lingering issues regarding the mission.

    I can not beleive more people do not leave the church, or at least question it after mission experience.

    Many more mission presidents belong on your list. Plwase shine more light on this subject. The church will not change mission culture until they are embarrased or sued. The church wounds young people on missions.

    I loved the local people and despised the mission office. The Q15 know all this a bury the facts.

    Thank you!!!!

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