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Mormonism LIVE!: 041: Solving the LDS Church Homosexuality Issue

Mormonism LIVE!: 041: Solving the LDS Church Homosexuality Issue Elder Holland recently explained ““I and many of my Brethren have spent more time and shed more tears on this subject than we could ever adequately convey to you this morning, or any morning. We have spent hours discussing what the doctrine of the Church can and cannot provide the individuals and families struggling over this difficult issue. So, it is with scar tissue of our own that we are trying to avoid — and hope all will try to avoid — language, symbols and situations that are more divisive than unifying at the very time we want to show love for all of God’s children.” In spite of being Prophets, Seers, and Revelators; He seemingly also is acknowledging that Jesus isn’t coming into the room and they are trying to figure it out without him. So Radio Free Mormon and Bill Reel decide to be of assistance and offer solutions to the problem they are struggling to get an answer for. So on this episode, we will give these 15 men the theological and historical and doctrinal space to resolve this issue once and for all.



1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE!: 041: Solving the LDS Church Homosexuality Issue”

  1. Great episode and creative suggestions from RFM on how the Latter Day Saint Church can resolve their huge LGBTQ issues. The one thing that wasn’t addressed making the issue even more complicated was the affect on individual church members. When Christian denominations change their positions on gays and women in leadership the ramifications tend to be very serious. We have seen the methodists, presbyterian, baptist, lutherans, etc. fracture and split apart when changes were made about the roles of women and gays. I think the LDS Church is ripe for a major split as well.

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