No Nonsense Spirituality Podcast: 001: State of the Spiritual World

This Episode is one of many Guest Episodes where we are holding a sort of tryout for a significant number of female voices.  Our hope is to give you a chance to listen to these and to give constructive feedback and share whether you enjoy this episode and would like to see it given its own Podcast.  Please be kind and considerate as these Women have worked hard behind the scenes in order to make the most of this opportunity.  And they are being deeply vulnerable as they attempt to find out if they can create content that can be hosted under the Mormon Discussion umbrella.  Leave a comment on the website https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org/ where this episode was or on youtube or facebook.

The No Nonsense Spirituality Podcast utilizes the best tools from science, the wisdom housed in Religion, and the connectedness of Mysticism for building a beautiful flourishing life…. No Nonsense Required.  Episode #1 Focuses on giving a sort of State of the Union address on Spirituality in the world and gives us a baseline that we can build on in future episodes.

Brittney Hartley is the author of Mormon Philosophy Simplified. She has a masters degree in the Future of American Religion and is in training as a spiritual director with the Center for Non-religious Spirituality. Her work focuses on rebuilding spiritual health after religious trauma.




4 thoughts on “No Nonsense Spirituality Podcast: 001: State of the Spiritual World

  1. A big thumbs up for the No Nonsense Spirituality Podcast with Brittney Hartley. I would certainly listen to more future podcasts like this one. It was very thought provoking and helpful to those who now find themselves outside the orthodoxy of the church and are still looking for meaning and understanding in life.

  2. Wow! I need to share this with my close friends who even though believe the myths of religion still participate one friend is a Lutheran pastor, the other was Presbyterian now meets with a few combined Methodist and community of Christ. I think if they don’t get hung up on the word Mormon, will love this message.

  3. I enjoyed Brittney’s episode today. I’ve deconstructed my Mormon beliefs enough that I am no longer angry and rejecting of “all things religious.” I’ve read enough Jonathan Haidt, Richard Rohr, Joseph Campbell, Reza Aslan, Yuval Noah Harari, and others to recognize the value of shared tradition and narrative to bind communities together, but I still can’t bring myself to trust or join any other group.

    I found Brittney’s Venn Diagram representation of religion, atheism (skepticism), and mysticism to be thought provoking, and I wondered if she has developed this enough to actually plot word recognition on the diagram. If so, I’d be very interested in seeing it. I will take a crack at making one myself based on my current impressions, and I would enjoy comparing / contrasting / discussing her perceptions.

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