Mormonism LIVE: 056: Apostate BYU Professors

RFM and Bill sit down with a former BYU Professor to discuss the experience of losing your faith while working for the Lord’s University. RESOURCES:

Marriage on a Tightrope: 114: Shifting Gears

Kattie and Allan discuss the latest tricky chapter in their Mixed Faith Marriage.  Kattie asks for a “break” in discussing certain topics, Allan’s TikTok channel causes some hurt feelings, and the Mount’s do what they’ve come accustomed to doing over the past 4 years…work it out in front of the microphone. Join us for our […]

The Backyard Professor: 027: Why Biblical Archaeology Refutes Joseph Smith’s Literal Bible Theology

I specify how Joseph Smith understood the literal Bible of the Patriarchal Age, focusing on Abraham. I then show the updated Archaeological knowledge of the Patriarchal Age of Abraham and show why archaeology has not found evidence for Abraham. I include many dozens of gorgeous biblical archaeology pictures while I am talking showing you the […]

The Backyard Professor: 026: How Archaeology Failed in Maintaining My Faith in Mormonism’s Scripture

I am seriously interested in archaeology and faith and scriptures and knowledge. Here I discuss the new understanding of archaeology that has emerged and why the Book of Mormon parallels with the Dead Sea Scrolls and other discoveries have failed. Joseph Smith’s understanding of the Bible is naive, and archaeology today demonstrates that. I will […]