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Mormonism LIVE: 056: Apostate BYU Professors

RFM and Bill sit down with a former BYU Professor to discuss the experience of losing your faith while working for the Lord’s University.



1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 056: Apostate BYU Professors”

  1. Bill and RFM: First episode 056 was really good as has been all of the Mormonism Live episodes.

    I live in Hawaii. Today I saw news tweets regarding the antiseptic comments form Entrata founder David Bateman. I read through the email he sent. This is what prompted me to contact you: How do people get such ideas? It seems impossible to just make up something like this. If there are sources that he found, then do people just “believe” it without checking? I thought it would make a good episode and to add to it a section that explains what a lie is and to remind parents what we teach our children about lies and their devastating affect on everybody. I’m sick of Utah Mormons being being some of this stupid stuff and I can wrap my head around how and why they come up with it…We’ll if your interested. Thanks,

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