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Rameumptom Ruminations: 031: The Metaphor of the Archer

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A listener asked a fantastic question that I thought would benefit the audience as we enter the holiday season. How do we communicate and deal with loved ones after a faith transition? To answer this question, Scott borrows from stoic philosophy borrowing the metaphor of the archer from Cicero, a Roman philosopher. The dichotomy of control defines what we can control in this life and what is out of our control. Specifically in relationships, we can only control our side of the relationship. Everything else is out of our control, love, acceptance, reputation.


Cicero, Marcus T, S Moses, and C S. Fearenside. Cicero. De Finibus, I: Ed. for London University B.a. Examination 1891. London: W.B. Clive & Co, 1890. Print.


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